Sun and Fun

Water safety is essential and especially on a lake as vast and deep as Smith Mountain Lake. Take a look at the following water safety tips and share them with your children, friends, and family. Enjoy a safe, happy spring and summer at Striper’s Landing, where fun and sun come first!

Buddy Swims

Always swim with a buddy or partner. When swimming in the pool, having a buddy makes good, safe water sense. Even experienced swimmers can get muscles cramps, become ill, and find it difficult to maneuver in water. A buddy is a an asset in times like this. A buddy can also make swimming more fun!

Learn Safety Skills

Being prepared is a high priority when it comes to water safety. Learn life-saving techniques including CPR and other rescue techniques. Take swimming lessons if you’re unable to swim. You can learn more through your local YMCA, hospital, Red Cross organization, or other community organizations. Knowing how to react in an emergency saves lives.

Know Your Capabilities

It’s important to know your own limits when it comes to water fun. Don’t get overly tired and don’t go in water that is too deep. If you cannot swim, stay in water that is safe for you and others. Don’t be challenged by peers to venture deeper in water than you are able to handle. Water is fun but only when it is respected. Know your capabilities and your limitations and respect them!

Swim in Safe Areas

There are certain areas for swimming that are safer than others. Only swim in those designated areas. Don’t venture beyond safe levels of water in the pool. Stay out of the water when there are thunderstorms or other weather problems nearby. Don’t take chances with your life. Pools are a fun place for friends and family, but they also harbor safety hazards when you do not exercise proper precautions.

Avoid Diving Injuries

Diving injuries can cause permanent paralysis or worse. It’s important to understand the risks of diving and to adhere to “No Diving” signs – they are there for a reason! Don’t risk a diving injury due to negligence and lack of common sense!

Watch the Sun

The sun is fun and creates a great playground for children and adults. But be careful – the sun’s harmful rays can cause sunburn and can lead to skin cancer is you’re not properly protected. Use an SPF of at least 15 or more. Reapply sunscreen every 20 minutes when swimming and socializing near water. Wear a visor or hat to avoid the sun’s rays on delicate facial skin and eyes where much harm can be done quickly. Even when the sun isn’t visibly bright and hot, it’s harmful rays are pounding down on you.

Drink Water

Outdoor fun can be extremely dehydrating. Drink plenty of water if you’re outdoors, especially in summer. Water will prevent dehydration and exhaustion. It will replenish fluids lost through sweating and will help you avoid feelings of lightheadedness, nausea, and dizziness. It can also keep your skin hydrated to help you avoid dry, itchy skin. Caffeine is a dehydrating fluid so avoid caffeine as much as possible.

Practice Water Safety for Fun

Water safety makes it possible to enjoy our lake and have fun! The pool and the lake are incredible places to socialize, maintain an active lifestyle, and enjoy the outdoors. When you practice good safety skills and are prepared, you will have a healthier, safer time on the lake!

Enjoy the water, sun, and fun — and do it safely!