Unmanned Aircraft (Drones)

While recognizing that the Federal, State, and Local Governments primarily control the use of unmanned aircraft, the use of unmanned aircraft in Stripers Landing by residents, nonresidents, and the Association is prohibited. Use of unmanned aircraft will be allowed ONLY by written permission from the Stripers Landing Comprehensive Board. The Board will adopt policies and procedures for the use of unmanned aircraft in the commercial delivery setting. Use of such an aircraft without written permission could receive further actions. Owners, Realtors, or others interested in using an unmanned drone must send written requests, the reason for use including the registration number of the unmanned aircraft, and pilot license to the board before posting any videos or photos for public use.
Some guidelines to adhere to when approved by the board:

  1. At all times the small unmanned aircraft must remain close
    enough to the remote pilot in command and the person
    manipulating the flight controls and for those
    people to be capable of seeing the aircraft with vision
    unaided by any device other than corrective lenses.
  2. Small unmanned aircraft may not operate over any persons
    not directly participating in the operation. (No video or photos taken with others in view)
  3. Maximum altitude of 400 feet above ground level (AGL) or, if
    higher than 400 feet AGL, remain within 400 feet of a
  4. No operations from a moving vehicle unless the operation is
    over a sparsely populated area.
  5. The aircraft, including its attached systems, payload
    and cargo weigh less than 55 pounds total.
  6. A person operating a small UAS must either hold a remote
    pilot airman certificate with a small UAS rating or be under
    the direct supervision of a person who does hold a remote
    pilot certificate (remote pilot in command).
  7. No unmanned drones without permission of the association within 5 miles except those of medical neccessary deliveries are permitted.
For the purpose of this section, unmanned aircraft is defined to be aircraft that is operated without the possibility of human intervention from within or on the aircraft. This is by land or over water.