Tennis Court

These rules are intended for the benefit and safety of all owners, residents, their guests, and renters. We appreciate your co-operation.


  1. The tennis court is open from 9:00am to 9:00pm.
  2. Use of the court is a on a first come basis.
  3. Each household is permitted to have up to 5 guests (total in party is 6). You must accompany your guests at all times.
  4. No rollerblades, skateboards, scooters, or bicycles on the tennis courts. These courts are for tennis and pickle ball only.


  1. These rules are intended to ensure the continued operation and maintenance of facilities and protect the health, safety and welfare of the Stripers Landing residents, guests and authorized users.
  2. Property owner shall be defined as a deed owner. A resident shall be defined as someone who resides with a deed owner within the community or a tenant who resides in a home within the community. Guest(s) shall be defined as a person visiting a deed owner or resident or is a temporary lessee of a deed owner.
  3. Access remains activated as long as the owner is financially in good standing or has not been found to be non-compliant with these rules and policies.
  4. Access will only be issued to the deed owner.
  5. Fob(s) either lost or damaged can be replaced at $25 each.
  6. Non-residents using Comprehensive amenities, who are not guests, will be considered trespassing.
  7. Access that management has deactivated will cost $50 to be activated per property.
  8. Security camera recordings of vandalism, property destruction or rule-breaking will automatically result in the deactivation of access to all amenities and may result in criminal prosecution.
  9. The deed owner is responsible for any damage or noncompliance of the rules by their residents or guests.
  10. Offense schedule is as follows:
    1. 1st offense: Written/email notice to offending resident’s household with a 7-day suspension of access  and a $50 reactivation fee.
    2. 2nd offense: Written/email notice to offending resident’s household with a 14-day suspension of access and a $50 reactivation fee.
    3. 3rd offense: Written/email notification to offending resident’s household with suspension of access until the Board of Directors determines reinstatement. There will be a $50 per access for reactivation fee.
  1. The Stripers Landing Comprehensive Association reserves the right to add/or modify this policy as necessary.
  2. Do not loan your fob(s) to others.  Do not use your access to allow others not in your party, whose access has been deactivated, to enter comprehensive amenities.  If found to violate this rule, your access will be deactivated for 90 days.  You will need to pay $50 to have your access reactivated.

These rules are intended for the benefit and safety of all owners, residents, guests, and renters. We appreciate your co-operation.

Please help us keep our community safe, clean, and beautiful.



Use of the Access by me, my household, or my guests is acknowledgement of the Stripers Landing Comprehensive Rules and Policies have been read. I further acknowledge the waiver as set forth and agree to its terms. I also understand that I am financially responsible for any damage caused by me, my household, or my guests. I understand that my access may be deactivated at any time if I fail to follow the rules and policies.


I understand the Stripers Landing Comprehensive Homeowners Association, Board of Director, employees, and staff assume no responsibility for injuries that I and/or my guests may sustain as a result of my physical condition or resulting from my participation in any activity, sport, use of the pool or any Stripers Landing Comprehensive amenity. I and/or my guests expressly acknowledge on behalf of myself and my heirs that I and/or my guests assume the risk for any and all injuries and illnesses that may result from my participation in these activities. I and/or my guests hereby release and discharge Stripers Landing Comprehensive Association, its agents, officers, employees, and staff from any claims for injury, illness, death. Loss or damage that I may suffer as a result of my participation in these activities. I and/or my guests understand that Stripers Landing Comprehensive Association is not responsible for personal property lost or stolen from the amenity facilities.

Property owners who qualify to rent their home shall provide their renters with a copy of these rules and policies. Property owners are responsible for their renters.

Stripers Landing Comprehensive Homeowner’s Association

Thank you,

The Board of Directors
Stripers Landing Comprehensive Association